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Dr. Reknaw is an eight piece supergroup that will take you on a journey - a vibrational cleanse of dub, roots, soul, funk, RnB and hip-hop.

Founded by sisters Julia (lead vocals) and Sophie Cooper (vocals/bass), Dr. Reknaw has grown into an empowering groove-machine, using music as a medium to connect fellow human beings to back to the earth, and to one another.

Born and raised in Aotearoa New Zealand, these children of the sun share a vision of advocating for Papatūānuku (Mother Earth), plant medicine, social/environmental justice, and general high vibrations. Dr. Reknaw shares messages from within and without, through the sisters’ intertwining vocal harmonies, alongside an uplifting and enchanting horn section (Dr. Hayden Richardson on Trumpet and Dr. Anon on Sax).

The music's foundation consists of Sophie's stanky basslines, soul-moving drums (Dr. Luther Hunt), bubbling keys (Dr. Ben Stewart) and psychedelic guitar (Dr. Jules Blewman). Topped of with delicious percussion from Dr. Zane Hawkins, their complete sound is a full body experience. The doctors' music will take you through dimensions of inner and outer space, moving your body, freeing your mind, and landing you somewhere closer to yourself.

The group's first singles ‘Advocate’ and 'Kererū' were both released in 2019, and have been enjoyed all over the globe, with over 500,000 listens across platforms. The Dr. Reknaw live show experience is one of wholesome empowerment, and feel good vibrations. Their first EP 'Earthly Delights' was released in 2020, and debut album 'Rektified' was released in 2021.

The live music & festival scene in Aotearoa has grown fond of the Dr. Reknaw experience, with Cubadupa, Newtown festival, Tora Bombora, Twisted Frequency festival, MIX festival, Autumn Arena, and Harvest festival all calling for multiple doses of the doctors' musical medicine.